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Getting back into the swing - Iconagogue
Icons by Leathers
Getting back into the swing
I recently bought a new computer and have been getting back into the swing of making icons again. For awhile there I had taken a break as I was having moderate to immediate problems with the computer set-up I had. Now that things are (for the most part) settled in that regard, I can make use of the new version of PSP that came out (X2) and do some interesting things. Corel has finally seemingly understood that not bundling Animation Shop with PSP was a bad idea, since not too many people want to pony up $40 for what used to be an addendum bit of software when Jasc was running its own show. When I bought the upgrade version of PSP ($55 versus $100 for the full version) they offered me AS3 gratis. Since I already had a copy (actually multiple copies) of the program I declined but its good to know they're at least apparently listening to their clientele rather than just going on their merry way without giving a frig about what all they're doing.

I also have gotten back into posting some of my work to communities that have competitions to see how I stack up against other icon makers. I got a nice compliment from a new acquaintance (citymusings) who's seemingly starting out making her own icons and is going to be dipping her foot into the PSP pool with version 9.

So without further ado, here's what I've been doing of late:


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