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Been a long time... - Iconagogue
Icons by Leathers
Been a long time...
since the last time I posted here for any reason. I've been sort of taking a sabbatical from icon making, not that I was burned out or anything, just at times I have spurts of interest and that was one of them. I'm still screen capping NCIS episodes as they come out the pipeline, though now that we're past May sweeps and the end of Season 6 all we have to do now is wait for Season 7 to begin in September.

In the interim I've also developed an interest in 2 additional shows; Criminal Minds and The West Wing. So much so that I bought the entire West Wing series on DVD and have been in the process of ripping converting the DVDs into a form that can better be screen capped. With 157 episodes to cap its slow going, I sometimes get a little tunnel-visioned watching the program I use sometimes stutter and stop in the middle of converting, and have to start it all over again. One of the things that I've discovered as I continue on through this is that Vista isn't as viable a platform for some of the programs, they run much better on XP; something to think about if I ever get the chance to upgrade my computers to Win7, I just might be better off leaving one computer running the antiquated technology, just to be safe.

I have the first 2 seasons of Criminal Minds on DVD, but with it being such slow going converting the West Wing DVDs, its almost easier to wait before I get embroiled in doing the same thing to this other interest. Even so, I've set up portions of my icon website for their eventual inclusion, so when I get them finished they will have a home.

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