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So many ideas, not enough time (or experience) - Iconagogue
Icons by Leathers
So many ideas, not enough time (or experience)
In my icon making travels I've discovered that I'm getting really good at static icons, but really am a veritable novice when it comes to the ones that move, jump and dance. I have ideas in my head that I want to bring to fruition, but am stymied by the lack of knowledge about how to bring them out, along with the fact that they rarely behave the way I want them to when I seemingly do get them to moving status (that and they're normally never under the 40kb threshold that LJ demands for usable icons). I go to the icon communities, read the tutorials and try to duplicate them, but get frustrated after a period time, shelve the whole thing and let it sit (I'm a procrastinator by trade, thanks for asking). When I go back to it after a little while, I'm still left with the fact that the less I know completely dwarfs what I -do- know and I'm usually in many ways back to square one, as I've forgotten what I knew before and have to look it up again (mind like a sieve at times, yes).

Case in point, I have a desire to have an icon that has a theme of "I have a need, a need...for speed", that little line from the movie Top Gun, but using icons and pictures from the WWII era of aviation, not modern jet fighters. I've been lately watching the History Channel show Dogfights it focuses mostly on that era's most infamous aerial battles, some of which I remember my father telling me about, he was in the US Army during WWII, in the Pacific Theater. Its for the most part a very informative and entertaining show, it takes the battles, breaks them down and using CGI tells the story in a visual way sometimes bringing you right into the cockpit so you can get a different view of how the battles unfolded, getting the 'feel' of how it was in that so very different era of rudder and stick flying, more by the seat of your pants than today when its more of a video game. Radar then was still a hit and miss prospective, there were no satellite imagery, very little between you and the enemy and imminent death was always by your side...very gripping at times. Getting back to the icon I want to make, I want to have (or at least I think I do) different pictures of the planes of the day, not just scrolling static pictures, but having them appear to be flying, with the words I chose interspersed with the pictures. It doesn't necessarily have to loop, it can run a couple of times and stop. Getting the requisite pictures is easy, I have more than enough stock shots of the planes, just putting them together is proving difficult, and annoying.

Just have to keep at it and try different combinations. I figure having both PSP and PS I have the tools to make what I want, just have to get it done...eventually.

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